Meet Julie Jones

Hello my name is Julie Jones. Thank you for visiting the new website. I hope you find what you are looking for here and more. I am the co-founder of Riverton Healthcare For Women. I became a certified nurse midwife (CNM) so that I could work with women in pregnancy have a healthy newborn and to help empower women in their health as well as their family. I have worked in cardiac transplant, psych, labor and delivery and general medical areas of the hospital as a registered nurse. I have worked in 3 different offices as a certified nurse midwife until I decided I wanted to be my own boss. In Utah a certified nurse midwife has the ability to own and run a health practice. From 2001 to 2009 I owned a solo practice and It was because of all the wonderful women who graced my door that I owe my success to. I then joined with Paula Thacker certified nurse midwife, women’s health nurse practitioner and created Riverton Healthcare for Women in Riverton.

One of my passions at Riverton Healthcare for Women is that I assist in helping pregnant women through their journey of bringing a new life to their family. This includes pre-pregnant care, pregnancy and postpartum care. I provide labor support and delivery services at Jordan Valley medical center and Riverton IHC hospital. I feel that each couples labor and delivery experience is theirs to create and my involvement will enhance that experience not create it. i encourage childbirth classes. I was raised as a high risk labor and delivery nurse so when there is high blood pressure, pre-mature labor or fetal growth issues i am right at home in knowing what to do. I work with several physicians who are readily available for consultation if needed. If a cesarean section is necessary I am the assistant surgeon in those cases. Other situations that occur in pregnancy may include multiples and a desire for a vaginal birth after cesarean, these are well within my scope of practice and I review them on a case by case circumstance. The saddest part of what I do is when a a pregnancy is lost or an un-expected outcome occurs. My support does not end with just happy outcomes but continues deep when the unexpected happens.

Another passion is working with women who are seeking birth control, treatment for common menstrual problems, treatment for vaginal infections, prevention of illnesses, hormonal issues and trying to get pregnant.

My new passion at Riverton Healthcare For Women is counseling and treating women and couples who have sexual health issues. I am a licensed certified sex therapist and counselor. Sexual issues may include painful intercourse, low or no libido, orgasm difficulties, unable to engage in intercourse and help obtain an understanding in terminology of sexuality. I feel very strongly that sexuality should be mutual with partners and it should not be painful. It is the most intimate relationship and draws the couple together on all levels. As a certified nurse midwife at riverton healthcare for women my patients bring up the topic of low libido and pain during intercourse quite frequently. Over the last 6 years I have searched for a program that I could further my education and understanding in this area. I have completed 120 hours of class work and graduated this last November. Now I will continue to work closely with women who come and see me regarding their most intimate issues. I am very excited to add this to my expertise. I believe their is a team (women’s health physical therapist, sexual counselor and medical healthcare provider) approach to working with women who are experiencing an array of symptoms with their sexuality; body/brain, neuro/pain and relationships.

I will be holding tasteful classes on such topics such as why is my libido gone, how can I spice up my sex life, anatomy of an orgasm and getting my desire back. I will also be doing group therapy for women and couples. I will have premarital classes as well for all those who are just beginning their sexual journey. I am very excited to have this available to the community of Riverton through our office at Riverton Healthcare for women.

I will try to have apps that are pertinent and fun for women’s healthcare. Please feel free to share with me any apps that have helped you along your path of life. Please feel free to share recipes, birth stories and lessons you have learned that would help other women.

Thank you for reading this blog. I look forward to making this updated and and open information venue.

Julie Jones CNM, CST

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