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Our Practice

We believe that every woman has unique emotional, educational, and healthcare needs that can best be met by a personalized approach. We strive to do our best to provide you with healthcare that meets your needs. We will take time to review your personal and family history and perform a complete and gentle examination. We will also offer laboratory and screening exams that Are specific to your age. In our clinic is where caring happens. It is also where women are empowered to take charge of their health.

We are able to provide you with a full scope mid-wifery and women’s health services that is comprehensive and individualized. We provide care for women who are adolescents, of child bearing age and those experiencing peri, pre, and post menopause. We provide the following services which includes but not limited to: pregnancy, labor and delivery services at IHC Riverton Hospital and we are proud to announce we now deliver at Jordan Valley Hospital in South Jordan (Julie and Paula), sexual health issues, pre-marital and pre-mission exams, pre-conception counseling, yearly gynecological well woman exams, management of uncomplicated menopause, contraception, family planning, sexually transmitted infection screening and treatment, management of uncomplicated vaginal/bladder infections, minor menstrual disorders, bioidentical hormones for various reasons and sexual health issues and much more.

Labor and Delivery

Julie and Paula are in a partnership practice. They share call with each other for the practice. They plan to be with you after active labor begins and before transition depending on your unique needs and your labor progress. Their goal is to give you personalized attention during your labor as best the situation allows.

Our Staff

Please let our receptionist know of changes to address and insurance etc upon checking in for your visit. Please be on time for your visit so that we may provide care in a timely manner. Please let our medical assistant know of any concerns or special needs you may have during your visit so that we may accommodate you as best we can.


Your healthy children are welcome in the clinic. We ask that you do not leave them unattended, as our staff is not available to supervise them. Please pick up after your children so others may enjoy a clean room as well. Your healthy friends and family are also welcome.

and Smoking

Please refrain from eating or consuming liquids other than water in our clinic. There is no smoking in our clinic or surrounding areas. We thank you for your cooperation to keep our clinic looking clean and to keep critters out of our clinic.

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