A Different Experience

When we found out we were expecting our third baby I knew immediately that I wanted a different birthing experience. I wanted a Hypnobirthing birth, but with my previous deliveries and healthcare providers it had never worked out the way I’d hoped. I began to doubt my ability deliver naturally at all. When I discussed my interest in Hypnobirthing with Paula, she was so encouraging that I decided to try, yet again, for a natural birth.

Close to my due date, Paula went out of town. As luck would have it, I didn’t go into labor until two hours after she arrived home. Despite the fact that she’d been travelling for several hours, she showed up at the hospital thirty minutes after I was admitted. An hour later, I was at a 7, but my surges were still pretty irregular. Paula knew I was not eager to be put on Pitocin, so instead, she offered the natural alternative of a breast pump to encourage the surges to become more regular; it worked beautifully. She and my husband worked together to create a calm atmosphere and coach me through each surge. When the baby’s head was low enough, she broke my water, and an hour later I was holding my son.

This birthing experience gave me a lot of confidence in my body and inner strength. I am so appreciative to everyone at Riverton Healthcare for Women for their exceptional care and support.