Natural Birth

Having a natural birth has always been important to me because I want to be able to feel the whole experience as my baby is born. The morning of my 37 week check up I felt a few contractions but they were pretty mild. When I went to my appointment that afternoon, Paula and I were both surprised to find that I was already dilated to a 5. She told me that my water would probably break very soon because it was bulging from the pressure of the baby. I left the office and went home with instructions to go to the hospital as soon as my water breaks.

It took a couple of hours for my contractions to get more consistent but when they did, I told my husband to come home from work. Just before he got home my water broke and my contractions slowed down. As we headed to the hospital the contractions really weren’t too painful and I felt fine as long as I changed my breathing to help me relax through each one. After we got registered, the nurse helped us get settled in our room and made it as peaceful as possible for us. When the nurse checked me I was dilated to a 7, and she decided to call Paula. When Paula arrived a little while later I was dilated to an 8. At that point my contractions were still very manageable and were only consistent if I was up and walking around. So my husband and I spent the next hour or so walking around the halls but I wasn’t progressing much.

The contractions were fairly strong but I could tell that I was still not making much progress with each contraction. I was starting to get tired so we decided to start me on Pitocin to hopefully speed things up. For the next hour or two I didn’t feel much change in the contractions so I kept asking them to up the dose of Pitocin. I finally reached a point where the contractions were strong enough that I had to completely focus on relaxing through each one. Paula was great and helped me get into positions that would allow me to better relax and she helped my husband know where to apply pressure to help me through the contractions. She was right there with him pushing on my knees as he pushed on my back. It definitely helped with the strong contractions. At that point I was still only dilated to a 9. The nurses all left the room to allow me to relax a little more.

My husband was a great support especially when I started to feel like I couldn’t do it anymore. Moments later I had a strong contraction and felt the sudden urge to turn around on my knees. It was then that I got the overwhelming urge to push. Paula and the nurses came rushing back in and she told me not to push until she checked me again. Thank goodness I was finally dilated to a 10 and could start pushing! Just a few pushes later our precious baby boy was born. The feeling of relief when the baby came out was the best feeling in the world! I was then able to relax and enjoy our new baby. I’m very happy with how his birth went.