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I was raised in a family who believed we are in a generation with modern medicine so why would you not use it. I never even considered natural birth as an option. With my first two children I had an epidural as that is what I was taught to do. Though my first two birth experiences were great, I felt something was missing so I chose to look into other birth options while pregnant with my third child. After doing my own research I felt natural birth was the best option for me and my unborn child. I was seeing a new OBGYN at the time and though she was nice, I didn’t like the idea that I had a 1 in 6 chance of her being at my delivery and that she did not support natural birth and actually discouraged me from going that route. I really wanted a personal experience with someone who was a part of my 9 month journey and who would conclude that journey with me. Also, I wanted someone who would support the birth method of my choice and have as little interventions as possible. So at 7 months pregnant with my 3rd child I made the switch to Julie. Julie has been with me for the deliveries of my third and fourth children.

With the birth of my 4th child, we had a complicated pregnancy. At 12 weeks I started having heavy bleeding. Thinking I was having a miscarriage, I called Julie and she stayed on the phone with me and reassured me that everything would be ok. When my husband and I got to her office the next morning to see if we could find a heartbeat she cried tears of relief with us when we heard our son’s strong heart for the first time.

Even though Julie has a partner in Paula (who is also very helpful and kind), she always makes an effort to be to her patients births even when she is not on call. When it came time for our son to be born, Julie was out of town. I was able to talk to Paula who in turn called Julie to make sure that my birthing needs and wants were met. What I truly appreciated was Julie made the effort, though on vacation, to get back for the birth of our son.

I had a premature rupture of my membranes so I was instructed to go to the hospital after eight hours to prevent any infection. The hospital tried to push Pitocin on me to get contractions started, but through phone calls with Paula and Julie I was able to try other natural methods to get my body going on its own as they were both aware of my desire to birth as naturally as possible. Julie arrived at the hospital as soon as she got back in town.

With this birth I found it most comfortable to pace the floors in between contractions and then squat during my contractions. Julie was always there to either coach my husband on how to ease my contractions or would apply pressure herself to my lower back to ease my labor. She also encouraged me to sit in the tub which was a huge relief. I love how Julie takes control and ensures that I get what I want out of my birth.

When I entered transition Julie read the cues I was presenting and made sure I was comfortable including placing pillows under my legs so that I had added support as well as making sure I stayed calm and relaxed.

When it came time to push I was having some pretty intense lower back pain. Julie was able to show my husband and the delivery nurse a technique to push on my sides that was very helpful in alleviating the pressure so that I was able to stay calm and focused. Julie was an amazing “cheerleader” and with her cool demeanor and calm voice I was able to birth my son naturally.

My overall birth experience was exactly what I had envisioned and with the help of Julie I was able to accomplish everything that I wanted from my birth. I am so grateful that I had a choice in how I wanted to birth and that I received that personal one on one relationship and care that I had desired.

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