Pregnancy & Childbirth Support

“Midwife” actually means…”with woman”. As certified nurse midwives we believe it is important for the expectant Mother to consider pregnancy and childbirth as a normal, healthy condition. We also believe it is our role to “listen” to a Mother’s concerns, and offer information and assistance – helping her to make informed decisions regarding her choices, options and care. Our role is supportive rather than directive, understanding rather than judgmental, with an emphasis on the end result…the birth of a healthy baby and happy accomplished parents as a new member is added to their family.

As certified nurse midwives, we urge prenatal care beginning by the 12th week of pregnancy (we can certainly offer support prior to that time as the mother’s needs dictate). The initial visit is the time a health history is done, and initial physical care begins.

Riverton Healthcare For Woment Young Pregnant Couple

During the course of our pregnancy care, other testing takes place and some is actually optional. An explanation of every test is offered prior to the test actually being done.

At each visit, the mother is given adequate time to ask questions and express concerns. This gives the opportunity for information to be given to the mother in both conversation and “take-home” written format.

A written birth plan can be formatted, giving mother, midwife and even hospital personnel a guide to the preferences and expectations of the parents-to-be. We can offer help if needed in discussing the plan with our parents.

When the long awaited time for birth finally arrives, the parents find themselves much more confident as they approach this milestone having a personal relationship with their midwife who is prepared to support them at this most important time of their lives.

Delivery is always done in a hospital-we have privileges to deliver in both Riverton Hospital and Jordan Valley Hospital. The individuals insurance generally dictates which one is actually used for delivery. We have found both hospital staffs to be very supportive and welcoming for our patients!