Woman’s Annual Exam

Getting the most out of your annual visit …..

An annual visit to see your certified nurse midwife (CNM)/women’s health nurse practitioner (WHNP) is important to your health. We are not here to just refill prescriptions or deliver your baby; we are here to be an integral part of your life. Our
motto is “Where Caring Happens”.

Women eighteen years and older should have an annual well-woman physical exam. That way we can get to know you and your health and be able to detect small problems before they become serious ones. You can develop a trusting relationship with your CNM/WHNP at our office and are more apt to tell her about things you’re experiencing and not ignore them. It is well worth the investment. Recent guidelines suggest that women don’t need a pap test yearly… We say that it is important to come in yearly to discuss your physical, mental, emotional and sexual health.

Here are some basic and important reasons to get a well-woman exam yearly:

Ages 18-39

  • Pre-marital or pre-intercourse exam to discuss sexual health and family planning
  • Check blood pressure & weight
  • Check cholesterol, thyroid and blood sugar levels if there is a high family history
  • Pap test by age 22 or sexually active whichever comes first
  • Pregnancy care
  • Baseline mammogram between ages 35-40

Ages 40-59

  • Contraception until menopause
  • Pap test yearly
  • Mammogram at least every 2 years
  • Sexual health
  • Colonoscopy age 50
  • Blood pressure, weight & height
  • Check blood levels for cholesterol, thyroid, sugar, kidney and liver function, etc
  • Baseline bone scan age 50
  • Adult vaccines
  • Menopause discussions
  • Pelvic floor integrity

Ages 60 on

  • As above in addition to EKG baseline
  • Identify any signs of diabetes, high blood pressure etc. and management