Woman’s Sexual Health

Women’s sexual health is important to overall physical and emotional well-being. Women deserve to know about their sexuality and the right to an active sex life through all the ages. Having a satisfying and healthy sex life does not transpire over night. It takes straight forward communication with partners and health care providers and self-reflection. 67% of women experience intimacy without dysfunction while 43% do experience some form of dysfunction with their sexuality in their lifetime. That means 14 out of 100 women experience some dysfunction. Our providers provide emotional, medical and psychological support and treatment throughout a women’s sexual life.

Sexual dysfunction is real and includes:

  • decreased sexual desire or satisfaction overall
  • decreased clitoral and genital sensitivity
  • lowered ability or achieve an orgasm
  • increased pelvic pain which is associated with painful intercourse
  • vaginal dryness which can lead to decreased desire and frequency of intercourse
  • vulvodynia (pain in the vulva and surrounding area)
  • *Male partner dysfunction: Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction may affect their women sexual partners

At our clinic the goal is to modify reversible causes then move to treatment strategies which includes sex counseling/therapy, individual and coupes therapy, bio-identical hormones, traditional medications and non-pharmaceutical therapies. Our clinic has a licensed sexual medical counselor.

We offer comprehensive pre-marital and /or pre-intercourse visits which include a physical, review the various contraceptions and complete discussion of sexual health. We want your first and continued sexual experiences to be positive and healthy.